About John G Swift

A recent transplant to New England, John has been writing since his youth. After realizing that he wanted to write novels he discovered that he had nothing to say because he'd never been anywhere, done anything, loved anyone, or overcome any challenges. After all, what could a seven-year-old expect?

So, he set out to live a live worth writing about.

John achieved a bachelors degree in Journalism emphasizing photojournalism from The Metropolitan State University of Denver but continued to work in technology after taking a seasonal job at a small corporate tax firm. While technology and data continued to keep John's days filled, he itched to turn storytelling into more than a hobby.

In 2019 he stumbled into the Mile High Writers Workshop in Denver, where he began in earnest to focus on the craft of writing with a serious goal to publish a book. At the workshop John met André Fleuette, a writer with a very similar style and favored content. They became fast friends and in 2023 they embarked on an ambitious project to co-write an epic fantasy novel.

Their work continues to progress and can be found in the latest output surrounding the world they created together at chorusrebellion.com.